Amazing Places to Visit in Georgia

Historical sights, ancient cave towns, gorgeous mountains, spa resorts, and diverse landscapes perfectly describe the character of the country. With an abundance of beautiful cities, semi-desert areas, towering peaks and remote ethnic villages, it’s hard to say which are the top picks.

But here are some of the gorgeous places not to miss on your trip to Georgia.

Most Visited Places You’ve Probably Heard Of –


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Tbilisi is a city of stark contrasts, where different religions, cultures and architectural styles, ancient and modern, coexist and thrive. From the famous old town, to lesser known monument and traditional houses in hidden corners, you will always find something new to discover in this vibrant capital of Georgia.


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Kazbegi is widely known for the dramatic scenery of the Caucasus mountains from Gergeti Trinity Church, which has nearly become a symbol of Georgia. However, its popularity as a daytrip destination has left Kazbegi the most visited yet under-explored among tourists.


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Wander through the biggest cave town in Georgia, which dates back to the 12th century. With 13 floors and around 6000 rooms, Vardzia served as a secret shelter during the many invasions Georgia was withstanding back then.

Unfortunately, a significant part of Vardzia was damaged in the earthquake of 1283 (thus exposed the originally-hidden dwellings as we can see now.) Today, you can still explore the remaining area and visit the church featuring one of the few frescos of Queen Tamar.


© Boris Breytman

Borjomi is a resort town famous for its mineral spring water of the same name which is believed to have curative effects for several health issues. Wander through its massive central park, try spring water right from the source, breathe fresh air, and relax at the thermal bath located at the very end of the park.

An electrified Kukushka train ride will take you to the nearby ski resort Bakuriani, nestled at 1700-2000m above the sea level. Covered with coniferous forests, Bakuriani is a popular townlet for family vacations at any time of the year.


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Mostly known as where budget flights fly in, Kutaisi is often overlooked by visitors. Rich with medieval architecture, lush canyons, karst caves and Soviet relics in the area, there is no short of fun things to do during your stay there.


© Salim Madjd

Home to four out of the ten highest peaks of the Caucasus, one of the highest settlements in Europe and iconic medieval defense towers, Svaneti has become one of the most popular tourist destinations among other mountain areas of the country.


© Ryhor Bruyeu

Batumi is a bustling seaside resort with dazzling skyline and quirky attractions on the Black Sea coast. It is also a perfect base for exploring the unique combination of sea and mountains in the Adjara region – popular summer vacation spots among Georgians.


© Imke.sta/flickr

Located near Gori, Uplistsikhe is another cave town dating from prehistoric times, making it the oldest urban cities in the country. The city features a unique mixture of different rock-cut cultures, like Christian, Persian, Pagan, and Iranian.

Spanning 8 hectares of the land, Uplistsikhe offers splendid views of the Mtkvari River while exploring the dwellings, temple, cave churches, bakery, and among others.


© Gocha Nemsadze/flickr

The ancient capital of East Georgian Kingdom, Mtskheta is a small pretty town most well-known for its Svetitskhoveli Cathedral – the masterpiece of Early Middle Ages and the second biggest church in Georgia. It is one of the main religious buildings for the Georgian Orthodox Church, which during many centuries, served as a burial site for kings.


© Koba Samurkasov

One of the most famous jewels of the Kakheti region, Sighnaghi used to be a walled city full of colorful houses with typical Georgian wooden carved balconies. Walk through the remains of the wall to enjoy a fantastic view of Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains on the horizon.

Stunning Places You Were Probably Missing out –

Paravani Lake

© Karavanly

The biggest lake in Georgia huddled at 2073m above the sea level, Paravani is gorgeous all year round with sweeping fields and mountainous landscape. In winter, the lake freezes entirely, creating a delightful winter wonderland.

Sitting onshore in serenity is Poka Monastery, whose construction is connected to the St. Nino, an evangelist who brought Christianity in Georgia. The nuns produce their own artisan cheese, chocolate, jams, honey and enamel work which are available to purchase.


© Paata Vardanashvili/flickr

Characterized by Russian-Ukrainian-style of residential houses adorned with floral prints on shutters and wooden carved staircases, Gorelovka is home to Doukhobors, a Spiritual Christian religious group of Russian origin, who was exiled by the Russian Empire to Georgia in the 1840s.


© Dave Katz/flickr

Often overlooked and skipped by tourists, Racha is a hidden gem for mountain-lovers encompassed by the Greater Caucasus peaks, wild nature, and beautiful lakes. The picturesque nature has earned Racha the name “Little Switzerland of the Caucasus” minus slopes and ski resorts.


© Shoda1121/karavi

Home to the largest wooden mosque in Georgia, Ghorjomi is one of the 78 adjoining villages of the Khulo District in the mountainous Adjara, where most of the population converted to Islam under Ottoman rule. Besides, the village offers amazing trekking or horse-riding opportunities to the neighboring Guria region.

Bakhmaro & Gomismta

© Veronika Polyakova

Located in Guria, the western region nestled along the Black Sea, Bakhmaro and Gomis Mta are highland resorts known for its spectacular views, where the sun sets and rises through the sea of clouds that wraps around below the hilltops.


© Sirio

Nestled between the more famous Tusheti and Kazbegi, Khevsureti is a historical-ethnographic region rich in majestic mountains, fortified villages, wild rivers, abandoned settlements, pristine lakes and ancient shrines, while with merest tourist infrastructure.


© Grijsz Hans

In the northeast of Georgia, lies the most isolated region of Georgia – Tusheti. Boasting with untouched nature, unique atmosphere, and stunning views of the 3000m high ridge of the Great Caucasus, the highland reminds of a serene, stuck-in-time dreamland. Each of Tusheti’s central valleys is distinguished by its own spectacular nature and historical sights. 


© Boris Breytman

Notable for its dry terrain with little vegetation, Udabno (translated as “desert” in English) is a village inhabited by Svans who relocated from their green mountainous area in the late 80s. This harsh fruitless land hides the “Georgian Rainbow Mountains”.

David Gareji Monastery

© Michael Wong/flickr

Right in the harsh landscape around Udabno, near the border with Azerbaijan, stands Davit Gareji Monastery. Founded by one of the Assyrian monks, Davit, in the 6th century, the complex features hundreds of cells and is one of the few places in the country where highly artistic frescos of ancient Georgia still remain well-preserved.


© Le one

Roam through a diversity of fascinating natural landscape in Vashlovani National Park, from desert, semi-desert, steppe, to arid sparse and deciduous forests. Various routes, for hiking, horse-riding or jeep tours, take you through its unique badland-like fields, towering canyon-like cliffs known as “Sharp Walls”, magnificent Alazani floodplain forests, and a variety of wildlife.

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