Nice Things to Do in/around Batumi – The Touristic Black Sea Capital of Georgia

Dotted with a mixture of new and old architecture, plenty of exciting and quirky attractions, casinos, luxury hotels, and natural landmarks in the outskirts, Batumi is a bustling seaside resort in Adjara, the southwestern region of Georgia. It is also a perfect base for exploring the unique combination of sea and mountains in the region – the go-to summer vacation spots for many locals.

Here are what Batumi and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Stroll Down the Quirky Attractions along the Boulevard

© Svetlbel

Odd and peculiar structures are among the first things that Batumi catches the eyes of numerous visitors. Explore the Miracle Park to find Ali & Nino statue, a symbol of eternal love, and a 135-meter tall building resembling the DNA pattern with the two helix bands holding the 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet.

© Imeda Saparidze/flickr

Followed by a ride on the Ferris Wheel to enjoy a splendid view of the Black Sea horizon and Batumi’s beachfront, or walk up to Chacha Clock Tower that initially had to pour local high-alcoholic beverage chacha from the tap.

© Boris Kolupaev/WikiCommons

Further down the 7km boulevard,you’ll find several other statues dedicated to love before reaching the prominent McDonald’s building – a cantilevered-glass spacecraft structure that won multiple international awards for its design.

© Tony Snufkin

Come back to Batumi Pier for a beautiful sunset from the Love Bridge. And wind up your evening with the dancing fountains at Ardagani Lake, a theatrical fountain show with music and laser lighting which starts from 8:30 p.m. and lasts until after mid-night.

Wander Through the Old Town

© Ryhor Bruyeu

The center of Batumi is home to some elegant facades resembling the Parisian Belle Epoque era. Wander through the Europe Square, to appreciate the astronomical clock, a statue of Medea and Argonauts, and other architectural landmarks, as a remedy for the pretentious contemporary structures along the seafront.

Some of the buildings are remnants of Batumi’s history when it was a flourishing harbor town on the Caspian oil route.

Marvel at the Orta Jame Mosque

© Joe Coyle/flickr

The white minaret of the Batumi’s last surviving mosque does stand out on the city’s skyline. Enjoy the peacefulness inside and admire the gorgeous wood carvings and paintings with Islamic calligraphy on its walls done in pastel blues, greens, and pink colors.

Overlook the Skyline from Argo Cable Car

© Ryhor Bruyeu

Ride a gondola cable car with panoramic glass walls to a nearby hilltop for unmatched views of rooftops, lush hills, and sea surrounding the area. Capture gorgeous pictures of the headlands meeting the sea, highlighting contemporary buildings and charming neighborhoods in between.

Shop for Seafood at the Fish Market

© Tbel Abuseridze

Located a bit outside of the city center, the fish market is a good place to visit for fish and seafood lovers. During the summer, the market offers an abundance of fish and seafood varieties caught in the Black Sea. Buy anything you’d like to cook at home or ask the restaurant next door to prepare for you.

Chill at the Botanical Garden

© Tamar Mirianashvili

Batumi’s Botanical Garden spans around 108 hectares of land, making it a perfect spot to spend a lovely day walking in the dense vegetation and appreciating unique flora of more than 5,000 species. Throughout the area, there are a couple of viewpoints from where you can enjoy sweeping views of the Black Sea coast.

Sunbathe at Nearby Beaches

© Misha Omiadze/flickr

Batumi beach can get quite crowded during the high season, while nearby coastline sees much fewer tourists. Mtsvane Kontskhi, or the Green Cape in English, is one of the most charming seaside resorts located in lush greenery and picturesque slopes offering amazing views of the Batumi skyline.

For a more peaceful location and a pleasant ambiance, go to Kvariati beach and unwind at the artsy Cafe Rakushkebi, a bungalow designed in seashells. And if pebble beach is not your thing, go to Shekvetili magnetic sandy beach in the neighboring Guria region.

Tour the Historic Petra and Gonio Fortresses

© Eldar Abdokov/flickr

Hidden in overgrown foliage, Petra is a 6th-century Byzantine fortress which had a significant strategic location on the route linking Georgia with Armenia and Iran. Walk around the ruins and enjoy a dazzling view of the Black Sea horizon.

Gonio is another famous historical landmark of Adjara dating back to ancient times. This well-consolidated town once used to be the home of five Roman military cohorts, and strongholds of the Byzantine and Ottoman forces.

Hike in the Foresty Machakhela National Park

© Katarzyna Zaremba/flickr

Dense Colchic forests of unique species covering the slopes around the Machakhela river is a great hiking opportunity to get away into nature when visiting Batumi.

The three pedestrian trails pass through the ruins of historic fortresses, arch bridges, and wine presses, all the way to the hills of Mount Mtavarangelozi with glorious views of Machakhela gorge and Batumi city.

Have a Blast Ziplining in Mtirala National Park

© Philipp Weigell/WikiCommons

This wettest area of Georgia, due to frequent rains, is another excellent alternative to reconnect with nature. Covered in mixed forests, Mtirala National Park offers one and two-day hiking trails that lead to waterfalls, lakes, and natural springs.

For more action and fun, take the 200m zipline over the lush greenery or have an adventure at the rope city.

Explore the Mountainous Kintrishi National Park

© Paata Vardanashvili/WikiCommons

Two trails of Kintrishi National Park takes you to a picturesque valley of river Kintrishi at the altitude of 2500m above the sea level passing through the historical sight of Tamari Arch Bridge, ruins of the 12th century Khinotsminda Church, wine-jars, waterfalls, St. George Monastery and Tbikeli lake in the mountainous area of this seaside region.

Go Peat Bog Walking at Kobuleti Nature Reserve

© Baia Dzagnidze

Kobuleti Nature Reserve is home to the world’s rarest filtering sphagnum bog that is very sensitive to the environment and the pollution. The peat bog is never flooded with water, and sphagnum acts like a sponge.

Apart from the bog walk (in wild nature not boardwalks, so be sure to wear waterproof or rubber boots), you can spot migratory birds among sundew and white moss, as well as admire the beauty of white water-lilies and marsh turtles.

Soak in the Tranquil Wetlands of Kolkheti National Park

© Kristen Hartmann

Encompassing the east coast of the Black Sea and basin of Lake Paliastomi, the wetlands of Kolkheti National Park attract an abundance of migratory birds from late spring to early autumn.

Enjoy a boat ride through the “Georgian Amazon” on the Pichori river and Paliastomi Lake, explore unique wetlands and the Colchic forest, and even have a picnic at one of the designated spots in the park.

Not sure how to fit in any of these activities with your Karavanly travel pass? Get in touch! We’re happy to help.

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