Why Visit Georgia?

Georgia is a small country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, bordering Russia in the north, and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the south. Step into the country and you’ll understand why what was once an unknown and underrated region is now becoming a popular country to travel to.

From active outdoorsmen, history buffs, gastro tourists to nature lovers, Georgia guarantees to sate every traveler’s desires. Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why you should visit this emerging destination on your next trip.

Hospitable People

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Georgians live out their old saying of “Guest is a gift from God.” Local people are willingly to take an extra step to help you out, make you feel welcomed and feel like home. While growing tourism in recent years gives rise to undesirable straight-business (money) practices or scams, what most visitors have experienced is still highly positive. Friendly locals and their hospitality have often made up one of the best memories for travelers who have visited the country.

Relaxed Entry Requirement

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And the hospitality goes beyond the people. Georgia has one of the most inviting visa policies. Visitors from over 95 countries can travel to Georgia visa-free for up to one year, just get stamped in with your passport at airport or land border crossings, no forms to fill, no fees to pay. If you are not on the list, a simple e-visa is all you need.

Can’t be bothered? Take advantage of Karavanly’s visa support add-on service available to your travel pass. We’re happy to take care of that for you.

Landscapes Burst With Rugged Natural Beauty

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Georgia’s landscapes are an absolute feast for the eyes and a veritable nature lover’s paradise! From the desert-like badlands in Vashlovani National Park to the dramatic snow-capped peaks of Kazbegi, from cave complex of Vardzia in rocky valley to stone towers in Tusheti highland, settlement villages dotted over Adjaran mountains to beaches lined along the Black Sea

There are endless opportunities for a fun day visit or a challenging multi-day trek. The best part? You don’t have to be an avid/hard-core hiker to be able to enjoy all these. Anyone with normal fitness can already get a taste of the majestic wilderness Georgia has to offer.

Rich History

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Sitting at the intersection and convergence point of East and West, Georgia was an important stop on the Silk Road and a strategic location which various powers fought over for. Over centuries, an array of cultures met and clashed, leaving Georgia with a mix of influences from Romans, Persian, Mongols, Ottoman to Russian, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

From caves and monasteries decorated with Byzantine style frescos, to Orthodox churches not far away from mosques and Roman ruins, Georgia’s interwoven history is everywhere you turn.

Diverse Cuisine with Plenty of Vegetarian Options

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The country’s melting-pot history has also spiced up Georgian cuisine, which has earned the reputation of being one of the best from worldwide travelers.

Large juicy dumplings Khinkali (with meat, mushroom, potato or cheese fillings), cheese bread boat Adjaran Khachapuri, and hearty beef soup Kharcho, are the most commonly known. Ojakhuri (roasted pork and potatoes) and Shkmeruli (fried chicken in milk and garlic sauce) are among meat lovers’ favorites, while Churchkhela and Tklapi are popular choices of energizing sweets.

For vegetarians, you can still have a feast! Out of the great variety of options, Pkhali (vegetable pâté), Badridzhani Nigvsit (eggplant with walnut paste), and stuffed mushrooms with Sulguni cheese, are not to be missed.

Check out Your Ultimate Georgian Food Guide for an amazing feast during your visit to the country!

Unique Wine Made with an 8000-year-old Method

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Georgia is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, wine-making countries in the world. What makes traditional Georgian wines special is that they are fermented in kvevri, an egg-shaped clay jar, which is buried underground, resulting in the distinct and world-famous amber-colored wine. Such ancient technique is well-preserved and widely used today.

Did you know? The Georgian wine scene has a lot more than just the most widely-known Kakheti. Join us to uncork the less-explored wine regions to get a full taste of what Georgian wine has to offer.

You’ll also have a chance to learn about the millennia-old Georgian craft of kvevri-making from the renowned master. All included in your Karavanly travel pass!

Apart from the orange wine, Chacha – traditional home-brewed grape spirit with 40-65% alcohol, and craft beer are also worth tasting.

Distinct Music and Dances

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Georgian polyphonic singing, a cappella by men in at least three vocal ranges, is an inseparable part of Georgian culture and an integral part of daily social life as well as celebrations. The beautiful songs come with a range of themes and distinct technique from different regions.

Just as captivating is the traditional Georgian dance, which is known for the delicate technique and stamina in its warrior dance, as well as the elegant and graceful dance to express rituals and homage.

While folk dance and music shows are common in touristic restaurants, keep an eye out for performances in concert hall and theatres to get a comprehensive and authentic experience from those who dedicate their life to such stunning heritage.

While folk dance and music shows are common in touristic restaurants, keep an eye out for performances in concert hall and theaters to get a comprehensive and authentic experience from those who dedicate their life to such stunning heritage.

And deep-rooted traditional tunes don’t stop contemporary jams from thriving. Tbilisi’s hip and burgeoning techno scene is getting popularity and attention from other parts of the world.

Budget-Friendly and Good Value for Money

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Even though prices are increasing with the country’s popularity each year, Georgia is still a very budget-friendly destination for most travelers. From on a shoestring to mid-range and all the way to splurge, you can easily make you trip as affordable as your budget allows, while getting good value for the money you spend.

A pretty good dinner for two at restaurants costs €10-12, while nice accommodation is around €10-12 (dorm bed) and €20-30 (private room/flat) per night. If you are really tight on budget, the cheapest ones can cost as little as less than half of that.

Though you might need to haggle a bit in bazaars and markets, as some vendors tend to inflate the prices when selling to visitors.   

More Hassle-Free to Travel Around Than Ever!

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While towns and regions have been making significant efforts to become more tourist-friendly, there are still quite some constraints which keep visitors from fully experience this amazing country. Georgia is a compact country with so much to offer, yet public transport and access to travel information don’t match up, leaving you stuck with the few repetitive options to explore while missing out whole lot of hidden treasures across the country.

Now with Karavanly’s flexible and freestyle hop-on hop-off rides (with local guide, family lunch, admissions and paid activities all included), the daunting logistics arrangement is totally taken off your hands.

Just sit back and enjoy our safe and comfortable journey through hard-to-reach gems as well as beaten path that’s worth exploring across Georgia. You’re free to stay at each destination for as long or as short as you need to have as much fun as you want.

Your Karavanly ride also gives you authentic and enriching experience with rural communities that we work closely with, while having your travel money spent in the way local families can benefit most.

Get your all-in-one travel pass and join us to experience your ultimate adventure across Georgia!

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